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16 February 2009 @ 09:46 am
The Last Vampire, by Christopher Pike  
The Last Vampire
By: Christopher Pike

Spoilers Behind the Cut: Much

Summary: Alisa Perne is a five-thousand-year-old vampire. For ages she has hunted humanity, loved humanity, but now someone hunts her. Who is this person-- what is he or she? Another vampire? Alisa is not sure. She thought she was the last of her kind.

Alisa has only one lead to follow. A detective, Mike Riley, has tried to blackmail her. In haste, before she could learn everything he knew, she killed him. Now she must go after the detective's son and find out what his father knew. Fifty centuries old, and she must enter high school and befriend Ray Riley, a handsome, shy boy who will attract her like no mortal has in centuries. Ray will make Alisa think the unthinkable, to make another of her kind, something she hasn't done since ancient times.

But will Alisa use Ray to help protect her from the mysterious enemy? Or will she just use him as bait?

Says Risa: This was actually the most I expected from a vampire novel geared toward tweens. I do like Pike's style of writing, as well as the way he characterized Sita (Alisa). She wasn't good, nor evil. She was just a "monster" (her words) clinging desperately to life. She isn't necessarily the strongest, or most admirable female protagonist, but her story felt real. It made sense. It was an entertaining and quick read. My favorite character in the book was a nerdy kid with AIDS named Seymour. He's awesome!

The only thing that made the book take a nosedive for me was Ray. He was absolutely pathetic, weak, and flat. Pike should have done more with him, should have gotten into his head a little bit more, rather than making him totally spell-bound with Sita, so much so that he actually forgave her for killing his father. WTF? That's my only complaint, though.

Rating: 1/3

Final Words: What can I say? Again, this was the absolute most I could expect from a vamp novel geared toward tweens. Hey, it pwned Twilight! But that's not really saying much, is it...
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